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Internship Program 2024 - Digital Marketing Internship and PHP Internship

Applications for the Digital Marketing Internship and PHP Internship program are now open. Interested candidates can apply online at or contact for more information.... Read More

12th March 2024

Admin @Gaffis

Internship Program

Gaffis Technologies Private Limited Marks Foundation Day on 6th Feb 2024

Gaffis Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a key player in the realm of IT and digital technology, joyously marks its foundation anniversary celebrating a significant milestone in its journey of innovation and growth... Read More

6th February 2024

Admin @Gaffis

Foundation Day Event Photo 1

Gaffis Tech Launches Exciting Internship Program for Students

Gaffis Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is currently accepting applications for its Internship Program. Interested candidates can find more information and apply through the Career Portal. The program is open to Students perusing graduation in Engineering and MCA.
For more information about Internship Program, please visit our website at or contact us at Read More

24th January 2024

Admin @Gaffis

training cum internship

Staff Training Session & Team Building Event

Our staff training session aims to enhance our team's cohesion and effectiveness through interactive engagement and focused discussions. We'll commence with an introductory activity designed to foster camaraderie and create a comfortable atmosphere. From there, we'll delve into the fundamentals of effective communication, highlighting the importance of active listening, clarity in conveying messages, and providing constructive feedback.... Read More

14th October 2023

Admin @Gaffis

Staff Training

Join our Bootcamp - Become an Accomplished Web Developer

The Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp from Gaffis Technoligies Private Limited is designed to give trainee developers and students the fundamental skills required to become a talented, confident, full-stack web developer... Read More

30th September 2023

Admin @Gaffis

Coding Bootcamp

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