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WordPress has become perhaps the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world. Today, WordPress is used by more than 74 million sites that publish new posts every second. No matter the size of the blog that is using WordPress. This widely used CMS has become a favorite among businesses because of how powerful of a tool it is.
WordPress powers more than 28% of the web — a figure that rises every day. Everything from simple websites, to blogs, to complex portals and enterprise websites, and even applications, are built with WordPress. Read More

Experts in Wordpress

We specialize in the following:

  • Custom Wordpress Development: We provides robust and quality-driven custom WordPress development, themes, eCommerce and general website solutions to suit your needs. You get something special when you combine the ease of Wordpress with our expertise.
  • Custom Wordpress Plugin Development: We offer custom WordPress plug-in development services for you if the kind you are looking for is not available any where online. We specialize in custom WordPress plugin development, straight from the scratch based on our client's needs and specifications.
  • Woocommerce Experts: We create web development solutions for e-commerce stores and enterprise companies. Our WooCommerce experts provide advanced management features that assist inventory management, taxations, payments, and handling of sales. We are proactive and committed e-solution providers with our dedicated WooCommerce development services.
  • Wordpress Website Migration Services: Transfer your WordPress site from your current hosting company to a new host. WordPress migration is a necessity once you realize your hosting company isn't ... we work with a wide range of clients, we've used a lot of hosting companies. Move all your content (post, pages, users, comments, tags, etc.) to WordPress while keeping your SEO. Take the migrated content and display it on your WP site using any standard theme you like or create your own.
  • SquareSpace/Wix to Wordpress: WordPress is an open source platform, meaning that their codes are open to everybody to use and customize. So any developers / programmers can use WordPress to create their own tools (such as templates / themes or plugins) to share for free, or sell to WordPress users. WordPress is a very powerful and flexible platform because you can modify the codes to do almost anything you want to. So WordPress is highly customizable. When it comes to support, WordPress has a massive community and “endless” amount of resources and tutorials to help you.
  • WordPress Website Maintenance Service: Keep your WordPress website maintained and current with our affordable backup, security, performance and optimization services. With the WordPress website maintenance plan we offer, you can be assured of stress free. One important thing you should know is that WordPress is continuously updating its platform to fix bugs and improve security. So whenever it has updates (could be multiple times a year), you will also need to update your WordPress site. WordPress maintenance support, updates, backups, and security.
  • Simple CMS Website in WordPress: WordPress is versatile CMS (Content Management System). WordPress is a very good script to create a simple website.

We also have extensive experience developing wordpress websites

  • Its Open Source Building Tool:- Gaffis uses it because Wordpress is open source available without any limitations and restrictions .It means we can use this wordpress software and can also host it anywhere we choose.
  • Its Good for Blog and websites:- Gaffis uses it as it is important for blog and websites.As we know that Wordpress Has been started up as a blogging platform but that was too earlier and it has developed as a full featured web content Management system(CMS).
  • We can have an Online Ecommerce website:- Wordpress is the best way to start up your business and you can sell your products related to the website and make a business with an online presence. Woocommerce has taken over most of the ecommerce platforms because of its easier management of products and designs as well, a perfect solution to sell your products in this platform.This platform is used by gaffis.
  • Its Plugins Add up complex business features to websites:- Wordpress Plugins are used by gaffis which adds up a business feature which is very complex without having to hire a coder which is designed to be extended and this is done by mainly by the programmers all around the world.
  • Its Ready for web designing in Mobiles:- gaffis also uses mobiles websites where they are designed to work on full sized pcs uptil smartphones so that we can manage our website from anywhere.
  • Wordpress web development:- Gaffis possess website development done by Wordpress platform which are different and client Oriented
  • Wordpress Extension/Module Development:- Developers of Gaffis have transparent working approaches which is having Wordpress Extension and module development.
  • Template Customization:- Executives of Gaffis Builds the customized themes /Templates which includes responsive,SEO,Optimized Code and more features.
  • Themes Development:- Developers of Gaffis took the advantage of powerful features which helps to create us a rich featured themes.
  • CMS Development:- Developers delivers clients to publish ,manage and delete content in central interface.
  • Quick Installation And Upgrade
  • Simplicity Of Operations
  • Inbuilt Comments
  • Publish with Ease
  • Flexibility
  • Inbuilt Themes
  • User Management
  • Extensions & Plug-Ins
  • Media Management
  • Full Standards Compliance
  • Easy Theme System
  • Extend with Plugins
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Multilingual
  • Easy Installation and Upgrades
  • Importers
  • Own Your Data
  • Community

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