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Your Google Universal Analytics will stop working in:

On July 1, 2023, standard Universal Analytics will stop recording data. Don't lose your year-over-year data about the store activity, and make sure your Google Analytics 4 are set up or start migrating NOW.

Before we help you to migrate to GA4, let us assist you by making sure your data is all set up

Reasons to migrate GA4?

Universal Analytics properties will no longer process data.

Google announced that “On July 1, 2023, standard Universal Analytics properties will no longer process data."

No access to historical data from Universal Analytics in GA4

You will not be able to access historical data in GA4 since Google Analytics does not allow to transfer data from Universal Analytics.

GA4 is a new distinct tool with a variety of new capabilities.

GA4 is advertised as an update to UA, but because GA4 is a separate tool with a new data structure, this is a fairly broad generalisation.

What are the improvements of GA4?

BigQuery integration

BigQuery is a data warehouse that allows for the processing of SQL queries at very high speeds, thanks to Google’s powerful infrastructure.

Unsampled data

Sampling has been removed in GA4 standard reports and data that can be collected is now unlimited. Having access to unsampled data is significant because it ensures that you are basing your decisions on reliable data.

Extended segmentation possibilities

Audiences in GA4 allow for more targeted segments for marketing campaigns. You can now create segments based on events, which is not an option in UA, and add the concept of time if you wish.

Engagement metrics

Instead of giving you the bounce rate, or the percentage of users that leave a page without any interaction, GA4 gives you positive data on user engagement.

Cross-platform tracking

Firebase Analytics data from apps and Google Analytics data from websites. This means that having a complete view of engagement across your platforms no longer has to involve a manual and tedious process.

Complete user journey

It’s now easier than ever to zoom in on customer behaviour and get insights on where marketers should direct more attention or change their strategy.

More intelligent tracking

Using AI and machine learning, GA4 implements more intelligent tracking that is not reliant on cookies.

Advanced analysis

Previously accessible only to GA360 users, a set of tools for carrying out advanced analysis and creating ad hoc funnels is now available for free in GA4.

Migrate from GA to GA4 in 15 Days!


Migrate in 15 Days

Current data infrastructure review & GA4 requirements preparation
Property setup & config
Base configurations & automatically tracked events
Key business custom events (up to 10)
Exploration reports configurations
Go-live process
Post-go-live support

* Write us @ to get more info about packages.


* Write us @ to get more info about packages.

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