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What is a Facebook campaign?

A campaign is the most important level for your advertising efforts. The different campaign helps is target outcome, which can be things such as increasing likes, sending of traffic in website, conversion of prospective to buyers and getting different application downloads.

Facebook campaign is function that helps to provide data that offers enterprise level into an ad campaign such as people who clicks ads or amount of time between when user click on an ad and liking on a page. It helps to promote the website. There are different levels in Facebook campaign structure: campaign, advert set and advert. This helps to define budget, target schedule, bidding and placement at advert set level.

There are 4 different types of Facebook ads:

  • On desktop within the news feed on type of ads.
  • On mobile within the news feed type of ads.
  • On desktop within right-hand sidebar type of ads.
  • On mobile within audience network type of ads.

They helps to gain too much of profit. Mainly facebook marketing is increasing day by day. If we want to have people online facebook is the single best option to provide Google Ad Words if we want to have people online. Facebook gets tons of data from their users, who enter it voluntarily on their profile things such as age, location, and interests, they all have a brilliant idea about of who users are and what they like.

Therefore, People can have them and can help to serve ads which are targeted that help to show them products that they helps to buy sites they likes or the events people would love to attend.

Objectives of Facebook campaign

  • Posting of pages:- This objective will help to have different single Facebook post. It has different measures such as likes, shares, viewing of photos
  • Page Like: - Advertisement in page likes is best ways to increase demand for profile on Facebook to be branded.
  • Clicking on Website:- Facebook will help to enhance ads for promotion.
  • This will help you to set up page post which links to a website or ads for domain
  • Website Conversions:- Website conversion is an important factor which helps to implement the action and helps to cost different bidding in Ad words.
  • Response Ads for events:- By creation of response ads in facebook for events then you have to create an event for advertisement. If your main primitive is attend people and drive attention then this is best example which can help to meet your goal.
  • Offer Claims:- Offer extensions are claimed which helps to lead generation card and provide information to audience to use their e-mail Ids as whitepaper download and couple codes etc.
  • Video Views:- To increase awareness in brand viewing of ads are more essential task. To increase awareness in brand there is auto play feature in facebook ads.
  • Lead Generation:- This ad type is used to engage users without having to leave Facebook's interface. Lead generation ads work best for e-commerce websites and lead generation for local businesses.
  • These ads also work for mobile users, as they no longer have to be redirected to a potential non-mobile friendly website. They can take action on the spot on Facebook. It's one of the most cost efficient ways to get your customer's email address.

How to Create a Facebook Ad Campaign

How To Run A Successful Facebook Ads Campaign

  1. Have a goal in mind
  2. Target your audience
  3. Use Eye-catching images
  4. Know what to say (and what not to say)
  5. Don't sound like an ad
  6. Leverage A/B split testing
  7. Install Conversion Pixels

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