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Why India is Best Place for outsourcing For IT

India has always been the priority when it comes to outsourcing. There has been lot many major companies who has shown keen interest in investing in India such as Cisco,Oracle and Hewlett Packard because they have gained access to superior talent and the kind of serious or focus towards work is more than compare to other part of world, most of the companies look for quality results,fast turn around and low costs effect and for all these parameters India has been a first choice for them.

With global accompyning with the world, to stay competitive,it has become very important for different companies for utilizing different firms which are outsourcing in India. India is the outsourcing place where different technical work are done , when we compare it with other places into Eastern Europe, the Pacific Rim and Latin America.

Why do companies prefer to outsource in india.Its mainly because of following reasons as:-

  • High Quality work.
  • Favourable time Zone and also available to work on night hours.
  • Ready to work for less pay.

India is also a best place to invest as the land or to setup a company it doesn’t cost you so high comparing to other countries. Weather conditions, In India you will find favorable temperature where people from other countries settle downs very easily.

India is one of few outsourcing destination for a host of IT and their services.

In other countries Let us Suppose They want to migrate the ERP system of large bank .For that they will need large number of developers. Their is very less possibility to get thousand of developers in their country So best selection will be India as Accenture,IBM and other large IT companies rely on India for their developers staffing needs.

The reality in India is that There are not too much of successful industries in India. The only industry which really flourishes is the IT sector. Therefore most youngsters aspire to take an engineering degree and then work in IT sector.

  • High Quality Work and Services:- India is best when it comes towards quality and services.Service providers use all latest technology, software and infrastructure to provide services towards quality standards.Global business people loves to outsource in india because they can get access to educated workforce which are having experience,skilled Computer Literate,Technical Talented and proficient in English.
  • Favourable time Zone:- As any business will tell us that time is equal to money.In India they serve as 24/7 basis This has become reality that they time zone is 5.5 hours companies can take on more work and keep their customers happy by outsourcing to India.
Why India?
  1. India helps to achieve with less staff:-In every business usually there is pressure which is constant to produce large volumes of work with generation of different invcome source their existing staff. By outsourcing to India,We can use our existing staff for managing our outsourced team and projects which helps to increase output for each member.India also proves best for improvement in productivity in India.
  2. India helps to give you access professionals who are skilled with their skill sets:-When projects are outsourced to india you may working with educated who holds degrees from world finest universities.Though in India there are differentcultural and language boundations still exist you need not to worry when moves on to India as Indian professionals knows very well english than other leading outsourcing destinations.
  3. They helps to focus on core business competencies :-When business grows ,you will have to come with different customers support while continuing with your current growth rate .For handling customer rates can take focus away from current growth rate.However when you outsource to India who can help you to non core activities where you can continue for managing functions which help you to be sucessful. India is versatile for outsourcing location where you can easily get the service provider who can provide customer support,research ,marketing or any of business activity whre you can prefer to outsource.
  4. Scalability:- Business also is unpredictable with own different types of seasons,But for business you need to have maximum number of staff with appropriate skills for handling current workload .For outsourcing to india can help you to handle this business situations by giving access to people who are skilled.When we need less or more resources,outsourcing can provide your company with different scability levels used for our business .
  5. Flexibility:- India offers price flexibility.As american labour is expensive ,since their cost of living in US is high As an employee you will be paying taxes ,computers,health insurance with staff’s salary also.when you outsource to india you can cut down the cost of labor drastically .India helps you to enable more creative in naging budget whre company cannot efford to pay high salaries .
  6. Appropriate staff levels:- India helps to achieve maintain appropriate staff levels.Suppose you are given to maintain business which requires more number of staff for running business activity.Outsourcing to India will help you to solve problem ,by giving flexibility to appropriate staff levels.You can hire a coreteam to hire a team to meet business needs where you will also be able to full time employees at rate of steady utilization in whole year .
  7. Easy to outsource:- In India it is easy to find a situation for finding suitable service provider in India for outsourcing and outsourcing contract.
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