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PHP is better programming language

PHP is an acronym for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor”. It is open source server scripting language and it is a powerful tool and the easiest language for making dynamic and interactive Web pages. They run efficiently on the server side and their result is turned into HTML. PHP software is easily available and we can download it easily. PHP files also contain different codes as HTML. This is the commonly used language by various developers and programmers.

According to stats, Facebook has made a huge investment in PHP and now almost 79.9% websites are using this language to build their websites. It is also used by freelancers and non-technical people who use WordPress and much different common content management system for starting their website efficiently. PHP is general purpose programming language which helps to develop an amazing website with help of elements which are interactive. Therefore whenever we want to run programming language you can turn your pages in that mode which gets easily updated with its new entries.

“Having a good language is good, but Having a great ecosystem is, even more, better for your website and ecosystem of programming language has evolved a few years ago”. It is dynamic source platform which is full of various frameworks and all are bounded with new features in it.

Why PHP?
  • PHP runs on different types of platforms.
  • PHP is compatible with all servers which are used today.
  • PHP has a different variety of databases.
  • PHP is freely available and can be downloaded.
  • PHP can be running easily on the server side.

With stats, PHP overwhelmingly dominates the internet with more than 80% of the market share.PHP also offers a different number of frameworks that the developers can create general purpose and industry-specific applications.

PHP frameworks has different popular applications that are used by many of users. PHP developers can have the frameworks for the advantage that are maintained by the community should be maintained.

8 Reasons why we consider PHP as better programming language:-
  • Fast Load Time:- This programming language is best in speed and results into faster site loading. Its code runs in a faster way than other languages because it has its own memory space while the other languages as ASP language use an overhead server for the same. Its new version works in a faster process because of new refactored engines which help to speed all applications.
  • Easy to Start:- Many of beginners find PHP as best among other languages, very easy and effortless to start with it because it was designed in a way that it can make web development process which is very easy.So, therefore it is so easy that anyone can understand the code that even programmers can also easily hack them without understanding their code properly.Their latest versions also have fixed different issues with its previous versions and have come with its wealth of learning resources.
  • Best Structure of code:- Code of PHP is one of the best among other language’s code and it is full of stability and strength which takes a website to other levels. Along with that, programming has lots of space for inefficiencies and it is not possible with this language framework.It also has high-quality security features which also secure the website.
    Many inputs to the system are all fed with strict scanning in a system so that any unwanted trouble should not be it’s a developer-friendly programming language.
  • Affordable software:- This programming language is less expensive when we start a new website and host it. While working with PHP, tools are all associated with its program which is open source software like WordPress, lamp Apache SQL server is easily available without any cost.For hosting it, language running on Linux server is also easily available.
  • Different types of extensions:- Usually various challenges at developers and demand for application and features, it is difficult to write code for every task.PHP comes in pictures which are having different extensions and libraries that saves a lot of time without adding a line of code. Hosts add various features with user validation, input filters and help desk which helps you in creating new programs for a website.
  • Database Flexibility:- PHP is flexible with database flexibility which can connect to several databases at the same time and most commonly used is MYSQL which can be used for free. It is one of dynamically typed programming language which is used to develop websites. With this programming language, you don’t have to bind yourself with the different usage of specific features and it helps to solve problems with different methods. If ASP is used, MS-SQL must be purchased.
  • Less Expensive Hosting:- ASP programs need to run on windows servers with Internet Information servers installed. Companies hosting has to purchase both the components, it leads to more expensive cost for monthly hosting services.PHP requires running on Linux server available on hosting providers at no costs.
  • Increased Available Programming Talent:- PHP is creating a large pool of talent to choose it for modifications and building and lowering cost per hour for those services. It is very easy for someone to update your site in future if you want to choose to hire a staff member for assigning the task with alternative provider then the one who built your site.

So I recommend that learners should use this language that can opt for one with their particular targets and industry wherever they wish to enter. PHP helps to get good job offers and different technical resources available for them.

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