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Who isn’t fan of #hashtags? They’re so much fun to use on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and they can even increase your traffic! #hashtags are so popular that, they were added to the Oxford dictionary. From a business point of view, who don’t quite hold on the concept as to how hashtags work? It has pretty much taken over social media.
Hashtags began as a way for people to categorize and organize conversations and content shared on social media platforms. But over time they have evolved to become much more than a way to keep track of posts, tweets etc.
Today companies are using hashtags to entertain their audience, generate brand awareness, promote products & events also. After a long wait hashtag have finally arrived on Facebook. It is observed that the usage of Facebook hashtag has increased the website traffic nearly 20%. The expanded use of hashtag across social media platforms means that marketers need to adopt a platform and engage with their messages.

Here are 4 Tips to use #Hashtags to Increase your Facebook Traffic:-


#1) Highly Effective #Hashtags: use-hashtags1Hashtags (#) can be more powerful when you understand how to make them work for you. Hashtags are helpful in identifying the reach of topics, discussions and tapping into audience opinion. Hashtags are a great way to get people talking and let them jump into the discussion. For example, #SEO is a popular source of conversation used by those interested in search engine optimization.
The hashtags are more than a collection of characters – it is a tool to be used to reach out new audience, connects like -minded people and facilitates their source of conversations.

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#2) Tag Your Friends & Circle Related People: facebook-logo (2)Usually people tag their friends and family members to share their greatest happiness and moments. But for business purposes we talk about increasing high quality posts, this can allow you to grab attention of like-minded within your friends or fans.

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#3) Don’t use punctuation!: If you use brief summary when creating your hashtags, this will limit visibility! If a person is searching for a specific hashtag, they won’t be able to find your hashtag if you shorten it! Do not ever use punctuation because it will impact your reach. You want people to be able to locate your hashtag and build your traffic. Don’t take that away by making this simple mistake. Hashtags are an ideal way to increase your visibility and traffic. Keep hashtags simple and remember to use keywords. But don’t use more than 2-3 hashtags per post. If you follow these rules, it will increase your traffic and before you know it, business will be in progress!

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#4) Make Dynamic use of Facebook Groups: Facebook Groups are another big spot to directly engage with thousands of people who are online & eager to read something interesting. Sharing articles in a group is a very good and successful tactic to increase posts reach.
Join some groups related to your niche. You can search them using the search bar at the top of your Facebook. After successfully finding the relevant groups, send the joining request. After getting approved by the admin of the group, you are ready to go with using your #hashtags for posting updates.

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