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Methods to do App Optimization

App Store Optimization is the process of improving the visibility of mobile app (iPhone, Android) in the app store (iOS & Google Play). This helps App in ranking high in the app store’s search results that translate heavy traffic of potential customers on the app’s page. It is also known as Mobile SEO or APP SEO. We all know that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has been for websites just like that ASO (App Store Optimization) is for mobile apps.

Nowadays, the importance of App Store Optimization is increasing day by day with the use of apps, as it is getting great success in the mobile marketing field. In the latest research reports it is found that 63% of the people discover or search apps via the app store, so the visibility of your app in search result must be high so that the searcher must be able to take the required action of downloading your app.

App Store Optimization is increasing day by day

percentage of App user


There are two modules in App Store Optimization:
1. On-Metadata ASO
2. Off- Metadata ASO

1. On Metadata ASO In On-metadata ASO, parameters are totally under your control and are often dealing with app store presence.

  • App TitleThe title is the most important metadata parameter for ranking in ASO. It tells the user what your app is all about. Try to incorporate a keyword in your title relevant to the app content. Keep the title short and to the point.
  • App DescriptionWrite the description that includes primary keywords as well as secondary keywords and make sure that it must explain the use of app clearly or to the point.
  • KeywordKeywords are an important aspect of ranking. Try to choose relevant keywords. Focus on search volume for those keywords. Don’t repeat keywords used in the title. Separate your keywords using commas.
  • IconAn icon is the first visual source of interaction between the user and the app in app listing. The icon is the single medium that represents your brand or what your app is all about & it should be simple & elegant. Keeping the logo of the app same as your app icon will return better results.
  • ScreenshotsScreenshots play a vital role while viewing an app listing. It must convey the use & advantage of the app with the help of some text. Screenshot slots must be used in a proper way to maximize visibility of the app in search results.
  • VideoApp Store allows the use of short video highlighting the important features of the app.

Web ecosystem versus App ecosystem


2. Off Metadata ASO In Off-metadata ASO, parameters are not entirely in your control, but which you can still influence.
  • RatingsEach and every app has got a rating on the app store depending on the total number of good & positive rating for the app. As a promoter one must ensure that the app gets a good rating as it affects the performance of app in store search.
  • ReviewsDo make sure that the reviews your users are writing about your app are good which in turn helps in increasing the download ratio for the app.
  • Number of DownloadsNumber of downloads for your app increases the chance of getting searched in App store by other users and thus helps in ranking the app on search result.

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