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1. Skip Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most important factor for website ranking. It will show the user your website or blog post when they search for a particular keyword and when it will match your website keyword it will automatically show your website or post in search results. As it is not as easy as it is written but it’s not like rocket science that we can’t do it. If you will skip this keyword research you will not know for which keyword your website or blog post is ranking for? So start with keyword research first, then as per that, follow other steps for website SEO optimization with content so that user will visit your site and you can convert visitors into customers or follower.

2. Exceed Title Tag Length

Many website or blog post exceeds title tag length, as it should follow the standard character length. The website Title tag should be 60 characters or max 62 but not more than this length. If it exceeds it will show “dots” so proper match or relevant search will not give you a result. Image below will describe you well as 1st result is exceeding and 2nd is in proper length.

Exceed Title Tag image
Exceed Title Tag Length image

The 1st image shows proper Title & Description for Website where as 2nd image shows improper Tile & Description, after exceeding character limit it will show dots.

3. Never miss Meta description or exceed length

Just like title tag we should follow Meta Description for website pages or blog posts. Meta Description should be 160 characters or max 162 try to adjust your keyword & call to action within this description so that your results come up with a better ranking whenever a user search with your targeted keywords. If you skip it will just show title, but as Google follows or give best results to the user when the search from Google. Google algorithm has more than 100 factors which give the ranking of the search page. So whenever you decide to make the website after development part always give time for SEO so that website, its webpages & blog posts get crawled and perform better ranking in search result.

4. Forgot about Permalink

What is a Permalink? – “a permanent static hyperlink to a particular web page or entry in a blog”. Many websites forgot about permalink as it is also a part of SEO so never skip this point. Permalink has many options that you can add with Palin number, day, date, month, & custom.

seo url issue image

The above image is from WordPress showing or allows you to choose permalink as per your choice. Tip – Avoid permalink with numbers.

5. No H1 tag include in Content Title

These are very small points that one should always follow for ranking in search engine. As to get good SEO Score follow this thing – Give H1 tag to the title of the content, don’t miss it because as know the importance of ranking will give you a result. Search spiders look your H1 tag and its keywords. From a user point of view, it shows the heading of the post which can be easily navigated when they read.

6. H2 Subheading Missing

Like H1 tag, H2 tag should also play an important role when the search spider crawls website or posts. Using this will give a look of divided content which can user can read easily. Both Google Search and user like this kind of practices is good for ranking.

7. Not highlighting keywords with Bold or Italic tag

Some of the website or blogger use and some of skipping it, but expert say’s that it has benefits for SEO score and ranking. If you follow plain format, then user reads it just in fast and skip targeted or say the important line or word of content. For say – “bold or italic
format attracts user attention and they read it attentively by this you can highlight keywords also to them. Keep this in mind that using excessive is bad practices of SEO and will pamper to the user to read it.

8. Avoid Short and Sweet content

Some website or bloggers put less information on the website and then try to analyze why the website is not ranking in search engine. As content is very important for SEO optimization, without content or less content in the website is just like an empty box which has nothing and no one will be interested in visiting it. Provide good information which can help to the user to read it and take the decision in less time follow with product /service page of a website, explain it with content so that customers can read it and get answers to all questions. Follow this for blog posts also giving less information will give the result of only bounce rate from the website.

9. No Keyword Density

Keyword Density is an amount or keyword which you used in your website page or blog post. Content writer or Bloggers should keep this point when writing content for a website or a particular blog post blog post. It will help to rank in a search engine when the search spider crawl site they also look at this point. What amount of keyword is used in content and it is also one of the factors which show a better position when a user search with your targeted keyword and your website appears on the 1st page.

10. No “alt” attribute to Images

When we include an image on the website, most of us forgot to give the name of that image just keep it as it is to name, number or another site name when we download. Never do this, give ALT tag to images which you have included on your site. When you include your targeted keyword or title of the post in Image ALT tag, this will definitely help in SEO score. This will give your site a better ranking in the future.

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