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We live in a world where incessant technological developments challenge access to information. This relentless hunger for newer advancements has taken the world of internet and website development by a storm. With the advent of mobile technology, people have shown to bend towards using devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It wouldn‘t be wrong to mention that mobile technology has become planted in our daily lives.

According to the Meeker 2018 Internet Trends Report, the time spent on mobile engaging by an average user has sprung to 3.3 hours a day!

Therefore, it becomes a huge responsibility for website developers to create websites that can be accessed from any mobile device.
Therefore, it‘s important for us to understand what exactly is a mobile-friendly website and the top reasons why a mobile-friendly website is a necessity.

What is a Mobile Responsive Website?

A mobile-friendly website is a website designed and developed to display content on any device, regardless of the size of a particular device. The website is optimized for mobile devices as doing this makes it far easier for users to consume content and navigate on a mobile phone, tablet or laptop.
In other words, a mobile website adjusts to the size of the screen and fits in the resolution of the mobile devices that visitors are using.
What this does is, it helps to make the website more accessible and the user can go to the desired section of the website in a matter of seconds.
When building a mobile website, the interface and content on the website are formatted in a way that not only will make navigation easier, but also will assist in optimizing your website for touch screens.

What does it mean when a Website is Mobile-Friendly?

Almost 91 percent of mobile users say that access to the content is critical in deciding whether the website is good enough to engage with or not. This simply means that your website‘s bounce rate will spike if users don‘t find what they are looking for.
When a website is Mobile-friendly:

  • Users find it easier to read the text
  • They can easily navigate through the website
  • The website looks aesthetically great
  • 57 percent of the people would not recommend a business with a bad mobile site.
  • 40 percent of the visitor turns to a competitor‘s website after they have a bad mobile experience.

Why is it Important to Build a Mobile-Friendly Website?

Building and having a mobile website can create a huge impact on your business. Over more than a year ago, the number of mobile users exceeded the use of desktops to browse the internet. This is an important fact as today, more than half of the online traffic comes from mobile devices.
Therefore, this makes it the most important reason to consider making a mobile-friendly website as most of your customers will visit your website via their phones and tablets.
Google itself says that it gives preference to the mobile-friendly version when it comes to indexing a website.
Apart from this, your business will receive numerous benefits once you turn your existing website into a responsive mobile-friendly website.

How a Mobile-Friendly Website helps Businesses?

To begin with, how it helps businesses, it‘s vital to understand the gravity of the current scenario.
Mobile Devices drive more than 52 percent of online traffic and account for nearly 2 of every 3 minutes spent online.

Here are the benefits of a mobile-friendly website:

1. Increased Website Traffic
The growing number of mobile users provides a good chance for businesses to attract a huge number of customers to their site by ensuring an impeccable mobile experience for them. Google‘s algorithms are designed to find whether a website has a mobile-friendly website design or not.
If not, it is less possibility to show your website on top of the search results if there are websites in your competition that have rich mobile experience. No matter how good your content may be, Google will not help your cause.
This will drastically drop your rankings in the search engines and you will be left far behind your competition. So it‘s better to build a mobile-friendly website and make sure that visitors get what they want seamlessly.

Enhanced User-Experience
It‘s more likely that your visitor is using a smartphone or tablet to visualize your website out and seek for the products you offer. Therefore, it‘s essential for businesses to be ready with a mobile-friendly website to cater to both the desktop as well as mobile users.
Google is known to index websites on the grounds of user-experience.
So, it‘s quite essential now to work on providing a better mobile website experience to the visitors and improve your SEO ranking.

3. Increased Conversion Rates
With increased traffic coming towards your website your business has a great opportunity to engage the target customers with compelling content and mobile-friendly website design strategy. More and more people will come and visit your website as you begin to grow on search engines, and when you provide them with better user experience, in addition, you will manage to boost your conversion rates.
Remember, you build a website to help online users find your business easily. Magic happens when you build a website for your customers – increased traffic, higher customer conversion rate, and positive ROI – your business will bloom.

4. Bounce Rate Reduction
It might sound harsh, but the reality is:
It‘s easier for mobile users to press the back button and move onto the next website than trying to figure out your website.
Once a user is on your website, you should try to engage with him as long as possible.
Making website mobile friendly and deploying content carved especially for the users will dramatically reduce your bounce rate.
A mobile-friendly website makes the visitor engage with your brand – a great marketing strategy in itself.
It can greatly affect your website‘s conversion rate.
A delay of one-second in page load time can drop the conversion rates of your website by seven percent!
Better the Speed, Better the User Experience.
Better the User Experience, Lower the Bounce Rate.

5. Increased Customer Loyalty
Build a mobile-friendly website MORE for the customer and LESS for the brand.
When you have just the proper responsive mobile-friendly website design, the smoothest navigation, and an impeccable content, customers notice your effort and your reputation increases.
This improves the brand image by a huge factor. A satisfying website experience, particularly on mobile, builds trust along with your customers and establishes brand authority.

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