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As an advertiser, it is always important to be updated with the current trend of advertising, promoting and marketing.

Because then you can easily beat your competitors in the race of acquiring more and more customers.

The local search ads on Google Maps have been proved to be a boon for small business marketers who own stores or are service providers.

Among every one of the progressions that occurred in Google Maps, a very noticeable change was that of the Local Search Ads which is highly known as “The Next Generation Of Local Search Ads”.

In this blog entry, we are going to share all the insights related to Google Maps Local Search Ads.

1. Google Map Local Search Ads

Let us imagine a scenario, you have some really important work in the town next to yours and so you’re driving all the way from your location to the destination. Midway down the line you perhaps the highway, you realize that you are hungry and now want a snack to eat probably a Pizza.

Keeping in mind, those days are gone when you would have manually searched for a snack.

In the 21st century, when the technology is highly upgraded everything is just one click away.

To get a snack as soon as possible, you could look for a “Highway Restaurant” or “Pizza Corner” in the search bar of Google Maps application. A restaurant that has paid for promotion ad will appear and would come in the search results and its logo would show up with its physical area on the map.

The logo is known as the promoted pins.

Basically, the Local Search Ads on Google Maps is an advertising feature that pulls in clients who are in a local range of your business. By publicizing on Google Maps, you can empower your potential clients to find and come to your physical location or store when they are searching for products and services on Google Maps.

The initial step that you have to take is to enable location extensions for your Google AdWords.

The location extensions demonstrate your advertisements with your address and map location to your potential customers. Your customers can get further details of your area by simply clicking in the extension of your ads.

In your Google Maps Local Search Ads, you need to put in relevant information regarding your address, phone number, business hours, reviews, etc.

2. Changes Involved In The Google Map Local Search Ads

The main change that was raised in the Google Maps Local Search Ads was that the ads were designed in a manner so that it would assist the local businesses to be more visible.

The changes were executed in such a way, that it resulted in increasing the visibility of local businesses where the customers were actively searching for an outlet to eat or a shop to purchase. Google also revealed new formats and features of Google Map Ads that were progressively inclined towards increasing the traffic for the physical location of a business.

The new features included Promoted Pins, Brand Logos, In-Store Promotions, Customizable Business Page, and Local Inventory Search. The local search ads attach a maximum of two keywords from the search results on Google Maps.

You should update the information on Google My Business Page. This will let you direct more customers towards your store through Local Search Ads. The goal of Local search ads is to optimize Google Maps so that the users can get a better user experience without going so far.

3. Location Of The Google Map Local Search Ads

The nearby search ads effectively show up on the Google Maps application. These ads also appear on desktops, tablets, mobiles, and on Expanded Map results. In the Google Map application, you will locate a single local search ad with a purple-colored ad label, spotted on the top of the organic results.

And when you are searching within the search results of Google Map, you will get to see a maximum of two ads again with a purple ad label and on the top of the search results.

4. Reasons For Introducing The Change

The main reason behind the change was to bridge the gap between the physical store business and mobile advertising.

Since mobile is becoming a leading device with respect to advertising and around 50% of all searches on Google are made through mobile devices.

Some of the statistics were:

  • About 90% of all sales that happen globally takes place in-store rather than online.
  • The mobile devices increased the location-related searches drastically.
  • Google Maps have over 1 billion users now.
  • 84% of users prefer local searches rather than global ones

Google has yet included a recognized element that directly affects your business. You might have come across the ordinary red pins while using Google Maps. They indicate landmarks, eateries, shops, organizations, and other places.

Promoted Pins are similar to the Red Pins, but the difference is that it comes in purple color.

5. Selection Of Local Search Ads By Google Maps

There could be lots of businesses and organizations near your potential customer’s location that they are looking for. But Google Maps only features one or two of them.

The competition to get the one out of the two spots is quite fierce.

Here, the question arises that “How Does Google Decides as To Which Ads To Display?”

  • Query made in the local search
  • The location (within a radius)
  • Search History
  • Interests
  • User behavior
  • Time of the day
  • Demographic

The local search ads allow you to focus on your business advertising on the basis of location and radius. By this, you will be visible only to the people who are nearby you thereby increasing your chances of getting more business.

If you really want to be specific, you can even target your ads to appear at certain times of the day. By using the call and the direction button, you can also help your customers to perform a certain action using their smartphones.


Driving traffic, increase leads and sales, content marketing, optimizing the use of social media and whatnot.

But for local stores, it becomes really tough to create content and use social media to make people come up to your store. Therefore, the local search ads of Google Maps help local stores to show their existence to prospective customers.

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