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SEO industry is unpredictable and constantly changing and growing industry, and it has become the most essential part of Digital Marketing strategy.

Will SEO survive in upcoming years? This is very interesting questions everyone is asking now a day.

At present SEO experts not just need a specialized comprehension of how to optimize sites and content for search engines, they additionally need to see how individuals interact with the web.

From The past decade, the Big Data has gone up against a great job in the business world and regular day to day existence. Every single day quintillion data are produced. If controlled correctly a digital marketing company can find amazing understanding to improve SEO.

Since most of internet marketing experts are using SEO strategy, the landscape will get more competitive. So, to stand in the competition, you‘ve to get updated with the latest trends.

Content discovery in web browsers:

From being just a jargon, mobile has become a major source of internet browsing. Even the recent reports say that mobile media sites have become the chief source of commerce. As per statistics, the use of mobile internet will grow to 70% worldwide in 2019.

Google also reveals that there is increase in mobile search queries than desktop. We are becoming more comfortable and habitual using the smaller screen. Though SEO professionals have already started to regulate this important shift, it seems like this is going to take a major stand in the future. It is believed that AMP will be an important metric to calculate your website‘s rank. It is advisable to not wait for an official declaration and start preparing yourself for the situation beforehand because the best SEO Company has already started considering these criteria.

While using Mobile, users are not limited to just search queries or social media for information but they have found the easiest way of mobile app.

Links will be still alive, but will become more advance:

Now a day‘s backlinks are playing the major role for getting traffic, but it is not the best way to find answers for search queries according to Google.

But with the Panda and Penguin search engine algorithms, Google bot has become much smarter and now in the upcoming years manipulative link building will come to an end. But links that bring referral traffic to websites will remain in competition. Let me explain properly, backlink from a popular blogger‘s resources page will give you evergreen traffic.

Websites offering excellent user experience are going to win the traffic:

If your site is getting repeated customers, your business can sustain for longer time. It‘s said that first impression is the last impression, if visitors visit your site first time it will sustain at your website only if content or UI is user friendly. If your web pages are too slow to load, then the visitors will not stay for longer.

Social Media become the game changer:

Facebook is already receiving 1.9 billion searches every single day. And the searches are not only about people but the content shared by other Facebook users. Social media is helping SEO as it is found that social media content is already appearing in search engine.


Search marketing world changes rapidly. If you want to sustain in the competition you have to keep adopting changes in Content marketing, Web designing and social media marketing.

But search engine optimization will not extinct. Instead it will continue expanding. You just need to pay special attention to create a user friendly website.

Traditional link building can become out dated. But paying attention to content and getting traffic from referral can help you sustain.The future of SEO or search engine will not extinct only the techniques or algorithm can change.

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