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What will be the best digital marketing strategies in 2019?..

World is changing drastically so does the people‘s communication with the outer world.
In this technological oriented world, our morning starts with e-Newapaper or e-Newsletters, and our day ends with social notifications and mails. I mean to say that technology has surrounded almost every part of our lives. Just like be it our home appliances, mobile app, voice commanding speakers etc…
And in near future it is going to increase drastically.

Here are some Digital Marketing Trends that are going to grap the whole world in 2019:

1. Voice Search

Voice search will be the next big thing.

Almost one third of the 3 billion searches performed on Google every day are voice searches using personal assistant devices. Even people are switching to use Amazon‘s Alexa, Apple‘s Siri and Google Assistant every day. As these companies have significantly made improvement in recognizing human speech, and this is incredibly helpful for searching information and doing things around the house.

This may screw your current search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, your business can use voice search technology to get ahead of your competitors. You can use keyword phrases that suit voice search queries and get exactly the results you want.

Voice search for marketers:
Voice search means lot of work. When you type a search query on Google you‘ll see hundreds of pages of search results. But when you ask Siri a question, it will show just a few results or sometimes times, only one. Therefore SEO strategy for voice search is crucial.

2. Images and Infographics

Visual message has immense power. Now a days people prefer visual content then text content as it is less time consuming, easier and faster to understand and gives correct emotions. And info graphics, is becoming favorite among audiences and marketers, have been searched for 800% more today than in 2012.

For blog and article post infographic play an important role as it consume 80% of traffic. And people will spend just 15 seconds on a website or blog if they doesn‘t found infographics or images.

Here are some types of Infographics:

1. Interactive infographics:
Interactive infographics are new in the market. In your infographic user can click on relevant information that sends them back to your landing page thus generating traffic.This is the most simple way to engage your audience. Some marketers have already adapted to this style of infographic, while others are still struggling for traffic. Infographic motivates your user to share your content by generating traffic.

2. Short videos and GIFs:
Adding Short videos and GIFs to infographic can attract more traffic and helps you to stand beyond the crowd. And you can get maximum traffic from social media. There are several Infographic creation tools that we can use to make it.

3. Animated Infographics:
It is the evolution of infographics. Animated Infographics has a huge demand and also attract maximum attention. When we view the image we doesn‘t expect to move the image- this is the beauty of Animated Infographic. Though it is slightly complex and requires designing skills but in future it is going to grab the market.

3. PPC

In 2018 we saw many changes in PPC marketing, be it Google who changed its ad words rebranded as Google Ads: Many campaign, tools, features etc…
Bing Ads who launched many features, tools, targeting capabilities and other improvement. And this year we saw Amazon at the top challenging to Google, as people has now started to search products on Amazon than Google.

2019 PPC trends are:

1. Audiences:
Keyword will be important for securing high performance but targeting audiences in search network will be more important in 2019. The key success in 2019 will be making a detailed strategy of the various audience types and audiences lists taking into consideration positive and negative bid types for your paid search strategy.

2. Automation:
Google said that its search ads should be ‘ads that work for everyone‘. In future automation will make possible for more businesses to be successful search marketers. Google Ads will improve automation features.

Now a days manual optimization is fading away, tools and machines are taking place. In 2019 machine‘s recommendations will be important strategy.

4. Internet Marketing

1. Video Marketing:
What would you prefer watching a 15-minute video or reading a big article. Obviously we will prefer watching video than reading.
In most companies Video Marketing is playing an important role. Be it circulation of information about how to use a product, services, Online education or boosting sales. In 2019 Video Marketing will make 80 percent of the traffic. Video Marketing is using some important trends as follows:

1. Live streaming services: Creating live videos is gradually increasing, because it is comparatively cheaper in price, easy to make, it can be made anywhere at any time and so no need of investment.

However the fact is that videos are made just to promote any company and add its popularity.

2. Chatbot Marketing: Chatbot Marketing comes under automation practice which is still unknown to marketers its new to digital marketing. However this strategy has so much hidden potential and has received enough attention in 2018 that we think that it should stand alone on this list.
Chatbots are bots that hold conversations with customers. Facebook chatbots are one of the most popular chatbot. It uses Facebook Messenger platform to receive feedback from customers, deliver important information.

Facebook Messenger has approximately more than 2 billion users in 2018. Even with Facebook endorsing using Facebook Messenger for business companies use this strategy just to attract customers and traffic.

Though many companies are not aware of Chatbot Marketing but in 2019 it will reach more customers.

5. Featured snippets

When we make query using popular keyword, we not only see paid results but organic results in SERP and one more result is seen that is Featured snippets in the form of knowledge graph, rich answers, instant functionality etc…The text, video or image is taken directly from the webpage that is linked to snippet. So if you try to optimize your webpages for the featured snippet, it may appear on top of SERP.

How to do it:

Make sure that your page is at high rank (according to Ahrefs, 99.58% of featured pages rank in top 10 of Google).
You can use Eye catching videos, images and infographics.
You can also ask as many questions as possible and answer them.

6. Social Media:

There are 4 billion global social media users which includes 50% of traffic, so this Strategy cannot be ignored. As social media has been planted in almost everyone‘s daily life. So this cannot be neglected and it is most important for marketing world. And this can make a lot of changes. The most trending social network is videos, infographics, images, automation etc…

But you need to keep one thing in mind that leads on Facebook are not on YouTube, and those on YouTube are different to those reading your website content, so we cannot dependent on one platform.

Lastly I want to say that, the key to your success is to remodel your content on multiple and relevant platforms.

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