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Google Analytics 4 is the latest version of the analytics platform by Google. It is designed to provide a more comprehensive and real-time view of user behavior across websites and mobile apps. It uses machine learning and predictive modeling to provide insights into user behavior, including audience demographics, user flows, and conversion rates. GA4 also offers more flexibility in tracking and reporting, allowing for greater customization and control over data collection and analysis. This version of Google Analytics was released in October 2020, replacing the previous Universal Analytics.

Reasons to migrate GA4?

Improved User Interface: GA4 presents a user-friendly experience with a simpler and cleaner interface that offers a lot more data in a single view. It is visually pleasing and easy to navigate.

Enhancement in User engagement: With the upgraded user interface, it offers an improved user engagement system. This implies that clients are more likely to remain longer on your site and encourage more conversions.

Moving Finally Towards Machine Learning: GA4 makes use of machine learning to offer more intense data insights which include data prediction, user behaviour, and app analytics automatically.

Cross-Platform Reporting: GA4 has a more robust cross-platform reporting mechanism. This implies that you can track customer interactions from different devices into one easily and automated dashboard.

Convenient Data Collection: GA4 provides an easier way to set up tracking without the need for custom codes or costly developers. Whether you want to install it on the website, app or both, there are straightforward instructions to follow.

Maximizes Mastery of Marketing: The machine learning capabilities of GA4 allow for better marketing decisions in a real-time manner. You can easily tell which Google marketing campaign is working and which is not, or which products are in high demand.

Future-proof Browser Privacy Updates: With new browser privacy regulations coming up, GA4 is a step ahead in ensuring its platform caters to all browsers’ privacy requirements.

Better ROI: With the convenience of GA4, data-driven decisions can be made quickly and easily, this means the potential for higher ROI is highly likely.

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