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A few years back, Google initiated featured snippets, yet this tool is still new for a few search engine marketers. Featured snippets are the little boxes that feature the most important data about your search query.

Position zero contains a scratched answer with a title and URL.

Why are Featured Snippets significant?

In terms of SEO, for what reason are these featured snippets necessary? We’ve recorded a portion of the primary focal points of involving position zero below:

• Shows up Above Organic Results

One of the essential points of interest of featured snippets is their location. They will show up on the top part of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), which is the reason we state they are in “position zero.” These snippets are shown significantly after the top featured outcomes. Along these lines, after the Google ads, the main organic query item will be visible on position 3.

• Advantage of voice search

As some of the substantial search engines, Google and Bing have begun to incorporate voice search, thus far, they have secured its most of the part. At the point when your site page arrives at the highest point of the SERP, or position zero, it will draw in more guests through their voice searches.

• Advantages of mobile search

With an expanding number of mobile searches, it may be hard for users to see all the search engine results because of the smaller screen. In this way, by arriving at position zero, you will in all likelihood get more mobile visitors than if you positioned lower on the page.

The most effective method to Reach “Position Zero”

Presently, when you recognize what “position zero” is and how it’s fundamental to your rankings, the big issue is how you arrive at this position.

Recognize Keywords – The initial step to arrive at the top point of the search engine results page is to recognize your keywords. We have to choose keyword wisely as mot every result page will feature top results.

Create a Title with the Exact Question – Once you’ve distinguished the best keyword to improve your position on the SERP, you have to discover if they are the questions Google is presently showing in position zero. These incorporate why, what, and where questions.

Heading Tags – By putting your headings into the correct group, you can all the more likely streamline your place on the SERP. Tags, for example, H1, H2, and H3 will improve the pertinence of your outcomes to the search query.

Optimizing Image – Position zero outcomes mostly includes pictures with the content. There are a few cases where Google will likewise pull a picture from an alternate source and the URL from a distinction source too. With the goal for you to conquer this issue, you should upgrade your pictures with the inquiry question, picture name, picture size, and more. Google usually shows pictures that are 200px by 160px.

Write a Brief Summary – There are times in which visitors lean toward a long outline for a particular subject, yet this won’t give any assistance in arriving at position zero. With the end goal for you to reach the highest point of the SERP, we suggest having a 50 to the 60-word title at the highest point of your site page. Keep this section simple, useful, and well-characterized. This doesn’t imply that you can’t write long articles or blogs for your site, it implies you need your site page to be proficient. What’s more, to rank well on Google, your content should be great and relevant.

Arrange Your Content – When you compose your content, it should be proficient and very well organized. We suggest utilizing Bullet points, tables, etc.

Use linked Questions – Any questions or search queries can prompt a related one. By actualizing these related topics in your content, you will be one bit nearer to positioning admirably on Google.

Keep an eye on your position on Google – When you’ve arrived at position zero, it doesn’t imply that it can’t change. Search Engine results are so unique you’re your positioning can change within a couple of days. If you need to keep up your situation on SERP, you should constantly screen your situation on all search engines and update your website with new, relevant and fresh content.

At the point when you accomplish position zero, you will encounter a larger number of advantages than if you were positioned lower on the SERP. This position can be helpful to your organization as Google will put you at the highest point of the page, over your rivals. By following the above tips, you can become #1 in your industry.

Have any inquiries regarding position zero? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Gaffis Technologies – Best Digital Marketing and Web Development Company.

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