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Why should you learn angular 7 in 2019?

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Angular 7 is a framework with JavaScript used by developers which used for building web, desktop and mobile applications. They are built so as to have usage of Typescript which is superset for JavaScript along with the HTML CSS etc. Codes are compiled to JavaScript and are being rendered by the browser.

There are some of tools which are used by engineers which use angular to get the full benefit of it.

You cannot work on angular without RxJS which a reactive programming library which are used for handling asynchronous data with all the multiple events. It allows the engineers to set up the multiple channels of data exchange to ease resource consumption.

# Angular CLI:
Angular CLI(Command-Line interface) is the interface which is used to create projects, add files, perform updates, deal with debugging testing, and deployment.

Angular use the two way directional data flow process and where it updates real DOM while react updates virtual DOM and is concerned with only one way directional flow.

Pros of Angular7

# Two way data binding:
Angular JS is basically built with the Model View Controller Architecture. Framework will synchronize the model and the view. If we change the data in model it will automatically change data in the view too.
Two ways binding allow developers to reduce the development time because they don't need to write any additional code to provide continual view and model synchronization.

Directives are actually enabling the HTML extension . They allow developer to assign special behaviors to Document Object Model which permits engineers to create dynamic and rich content with the HTML.

#Component-based architecture in angular provides higher quality of code
Component based architecture makes some difference between Angular JS and its successor. Components are just imagined as a small piece of the user interface which just likes the section of the application in the user interface. Components can be encapsulated with the functionality and follows a hierarchy of components for Angular 7.

#Dependency injection:
Dependencies are just piece of which interact with each other and changes in component impact the other codes. They are defined in the components so that every change in dependency requires changing components. It has made more reusable, easier to manage and test.

There should be a strong community which provided lots of training materials, discussions and many third party tools to find a solution.

Cons of Angular 7

Steep learning curve:
Angular is versatile as there are more ways to complete the task. It produces some confusion to the developers

In these more of the dynamic applications do not always perform well. These are laggy and inconvenient to use.

Verbose and complex:
The ways all components are managed are too complicated. You may need up to five files for a single component in Angular 7, have to inject dependencies, and declare the component lifecycle interfaces. Most of the developer's time in Angular 7 is spent on the repetitive things.

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