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11 Ways to select a best web expert for your website

1. Ability to work
The basic quality is the ability to work, you need to judge that particular person is skilled and can be a part to achieve your desire goal. You need to understand that the particular person who is going to work on your requirement is capable or not, to get aware of this you have to check technical ability by going through his portfolio, previous work record.
Ability to work
2. Communcation skills
Communcation skills
Our world is full of different languages but we have one global language called English which is the best way to communicate. Language plays an important role, but to execute a successful project we have to get a developer who is excellent at speaking and writing. If he is good at communication so he can work on project and execute it very well. I only believe one thing to make and build a long term relation with the employer is to have good communication skills, so be effective at your language of speaking.
3. Long term Relation
You should also look that the particular person you are working is for long term or not because there are lot many developer who looks to work for short term and then they start demanding to pay you extra which is very unfair in the prospect of business and hence it results into moving to another freelancers. There are ways to know that the developer is for long term or not. Firstly you need to know he is communicating with you properly or not, second is that he is serious about your work or just delaying by giving reasons and all, third is that he is demanding more or happy with your work assignment.
Long term Relation
4. Target Oriented Person
Target Oriented Person
You need to check that the particular person is completely goal oriented person or not because he has submit your website or work on time so that everything goes smoothly. Generally what happens is that developer starts work at good speed but in the middle what happens is that he get bored with the work and thinks that client can wait for him and he starts delaying your work which is really bad against a work which you have receive and unable to achieve the deadline. So Need to check the developer is able to achieve is target or not, this you can get through his previous work status and report.
5. Professional Approach
By judging his presentation you can find him as a professional expert or not because generally what happens is that most of the experts are technically skilled but they don’t know how to present it, which is one of the negative point for selecting a developer. To gain a good amount of traffic and business we people go for the website but this doesn’t matters for some of the web expert who is looking to get paid whatever he does on that particular project. This is not for which we are paying we need to have a person who is really looking to develop the website keeping in mind that client will be benefitted from his work, because we are investing on something so definitely we expect for something.
Professional Approach
6. Don’t judge a book by its cover
Don't judge a book by its cover
Sometimes what happens is that clients select web experts on the basis of first come basis which is the most worst thing they do, honestly speaking without even judging the person client move on to the particular person who don’t even know what was his requirement and start over discussion which leads to a negativity and from here the success rate goes low, it has been said that “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. I know that we have a shortage of time always but we need to be careful while selecting developer as there are lot many cheats and not fully skilled and what happens if we get cheated we have to follow the same process again and again.
7. Time management
Time management which is very much an important prospect for the project as we need to work on it and for this we need to check everytime with the developer are we going in a right direction or not, if the developer is regularly updating it so we can say that he is the right person for us. Meeting the deadlines for the developer should be his first and last priority, then only he is considered for the future work. If he is just wasting time and thinking that client will be wait that will be result into sudden close of project. For everyone “Time is money.”
Time management
8. Divide the work on different set of milestones
Divide the work on different set of milestones
If the developer is looking to divide the work on different set of milestones so it is one of the most professional way to carry out a successful project, as you can see that he is making work in more described manner and gives us more idea about the complete process of project. I personally believe that dividing the work into different sets will make more distinguished and much easier in executing any kind of task.
9. Loyalty
To check developer’s loyalty, developer should not demand upfront, I know as per developer he thinks that he should work for money but only when the work is completed then only he can demand for the pay which he deserves, he/she can’t always run for money they need to look for long term relationship and always think my client is my major priority. The best way is as above mentioned is that by dividing into different milestones we can divide the budget so that both side satisfaction will be there.
10. Gaining trust
Gaining trust
Gaining trust is the most important prospect, clients are usually start trusting their developers very easily which is good thing but we should also able to judge the person who is working for you is trustworthy or not. There are many cases with me that most of the developer has broke my trust but now I found many good developers who are trust worthy and always obey my words and respect me a lot.
11. Reward his good work
Always offer a bonus for his good work this is the key to make his developer happy and work more energetically for future and also when you pay more the developer has a tendency not to forget his client and makes him his first priority. Never underestimate developer’s efforts because he is the one who has put lot of efforts and made everything what you needed and by this way only you are going to get the business, so he is the basic source of your startup.
Reward his good work
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